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About us

Meet the creator of MOVE60

Asha Riley – MOVE60 creator

Asha Riley is a PE teacher of over 12 years and an advocate for the power of movement and exercise in optimising health and wellbeing. She has spent much of her career driving initiatives to amplify the benefits of leading an active life and remains committed to improving attitudes towards movement, and exercise habits, for all pupils and staff within her reach.

She has taught in a variety of schools and has held several positions of responsibility, including Head of PE, Head of Girls’ Games and Head of Wellbeing. She now lectures on the Initial Teacher Training programme for Physical Education at the University of Buckingham whilst teaching PE in Winchester at St Swithun’s School.

The ICE Education mission

ICE was formed in 2003, by former teachers. Its aim has always been to provide high quality, innovative education for teachers and coaches in schools. Recognising the challenges of staying abreast of sector trends, and also the wide range of personnel involved in school sport and physical activity, ICE has always sought to offer contemporary training, delivered by world leaders in their field. Over 2500 teachers annually attend a wide range of courses, conferences and webinars. The aim is to support all sports, PE and wellbeing delivered in schools.

Whilst teacher education remains a large part of ICE activity, over the years services have been extended and diversified. It is now the leading specialist recruiter of staff for schools, having made over 1000 appointments. This is combined with a wide range of specialist advisory services, with over 100 projects to date.

ICE seeks to help teachers prepare for a changing future, within a shifting landscape of school sport and exercise. 

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